All our craft is made by us.  We make Boxes, Bags, Bears, Jewellery and lots, lots more....

3 of the boxes: 

An Etui Box themed on the 4 seasons of the year  A three drawer trinket box 2 friendship boxes with a poem attached which are a lovely alternative to a birthday card  

We have a wide variety of bags.  Here are just 2 of them:

A calico cheese bag to keep your cheese fresh in the fridge  Our signature item - the Bucket Bag.  These have a water resistant lining which makes them great for the beach.  I use mine to shop at the green grocers and and it will take a really heavy load.  They come in lots of colours and fabrics - from silk to tapestry.  

Our bead jewelery are one offs, each one unique.  The Earrings are particularly competitively priced.  We also make hand embroidered brooches.

We make miniature teddy bears.  These are collector bears aimed at adults rather than children.  The bears are fully joined and made from Mohair, Casmere, Suede and plush.  They come in their own fabric covered box.


We've found these suppliers to be reliable
G B Nametapes
 Name Tapes
A S Ding
 Quilting and Wadding Supplies
eco craft
 Recycled paper craft supplies
Karadia Trimmings
Sew and So
 Embroidery Thread and Patterns
Christie Bears
 Teddybear Mohair and supplies
Craft Fabrics
 Quilting weight fabric - this site has recently been revamped
 Poppy Patchwork
 Based in Westbury on Trym, Bristol.  Run by Jayne.  The place to find everything a patch worker might need.  Up to the minute facbrics, wadding and much much more.

 Crafters Other crafters who's work we admire
 Angie Roscoe    
AJR Jewellery - Unique Hand Made Jewellery
 Gill Dix
Artist who takes commissions for House and Pet Portraits

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