We provide workshops at reasonable cost

We love to pass on our craft knowledge.  We will tutor on any craft you see on this site.  Invite us into your group for an evening, half day or whole day event.

Alternatively we can demonstrate any craft or give a talk instead.

Our workshops prices cover the cost of materials and our travel expenses.  Typically this works out at £40 per trainer plus £5pp for materials. Contact us for the cost of the item you're interested in.

We have 2 trainers and so can manage groups up to 12 (depending on the topic).  The actual maximum numbers depends on the topic covered as we also provide the tools. 

We're insured but you will need to organise the venue and the attendees.

Contact us via the Contact Form and we'll provide more details.


Miniature Teddy Bear Workshops

It takes 2 days to make a miniature bear.  These days can either but run back to back or with a gap in between.

We provide the tools and materials.

You will have a wide choice of fabric colours to work with.

At the end of the course, not only will you have a delightful little bear that is all your own work but you'll also have the knowledge and ability to make more.

Suitable for anyone we enjoys hand sewing.



An attendee at the miniature teddybear workshop with her completed bear



There are a number of options available.  The jewellery can be made using beads, wire, embroidery or friendly plastic.

A pair of earrings can be made in an hour in an evening session.  In half a day you could make a ribbon embroidered brooch.

We provide the tools and materials.

This type of course is suitable for complete beginners.


Bead based jewellery



The length of the workshop will dictate which type of box you can make.  In an hour we have little cushion shaped gift boxes.  In half a day you will complete a hand stitched gift box.  In a whole day you will complete a trinket box or a Victorian style sewing box.

We provide the tools and the majority of the materials.  For some of the boxes you also bring along your own choice of fabric.

Some items are suitable for the complete beginner.  Others are more suitable for the keen hand sewer. 



Hard at work creating a trinket box


Here is some feedback from our workshops:

Jewelery & Christmas Decorations

 "A delightful day.  Good Instruction and no pressure.  Able to feel very positive about what we were doing with the added bonus of being able to take home 3 really attractive pieces"

"Very rewarding day.  Good Instruction and lots of fun. Excellent"


 Etui Box

A Victorian Style Sewing Box


"Certainly one of the best organised workshops I've been to. Thankyou"

"Very enjoyable day.  Going home with a finished item!"

Trinket  Box
 "I had a lovely day, really enjoyed it.  Expert tuition.  Even clumsy me produced a beautiful box.  Thank you very much"
 "Marvelous day, AND a finished box to take home"

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